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Darla Woodley – Author (Red Socks Go With Absolutely Anything)


Sometimes it’s the smallest things that have the greatest impact. This uplifting story demonstrates how a simple pair of red socks can give someone special a boost when they are feeling down or out of their comfort zone. You’ll find yourself smiling when you see how red socks go with absolutely anything!

The best part of writing this book? The stories and messages received from RSGWAA readers! 
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Did you know?

When copies of Red Socks Go With Absolutely Anything are purchased additional copies of the book are printed and donated to a school, local charity and/or organization that may benefit from the message of how red socks go with absolutely anything.

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Red Socks on a podcast? Yes! First-timer alert! I was invited to be on “The Booktruck Chronicles”. This is a podcast by Brandi of Daisy Chain Book Co. where she and guest talk books and so much more. What’s on my reading list? Find out in this episode by listening HERE!

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