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A few individuals who have read the book were kind enough to send me their reviews! A review helps much more than you know and is so very appreciated.

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Tosha : ” This engaging children’s story is both heart warming and age appropriate. There is a strong emphasis on the never-ending support of one’s family throughout many of life’s challenges. Woodley creates a story that is touching, relatable and very well-written. It is brought to life with amazing illustrations. This being said, the book is worth the read and should be added to every family’s collection.”

Brynn (age 6) : ” My favourite part was ‘I feel strong. I am ready. I can do anything’ because that made me feel like he did “

Kianna (age 8) ” I liked that he was confident when he said ‘I can do anything’ “

Lisa : ” Lovely story. I love how, upon seeing the red socks, the child felt empowered through the various stages of life (from childhood to adulthood, from receiving encouragement to giving encouragement). The pattern of the book also allows younger readers to follow along and repeat the inspiring phrase, engaging them and allowing them to participate in the story. Fun and inspiring! “

Ian (age 4) : ” I liked it when the mom wore the red socks because red is my favourite colour “

Judy M Cook: “I love this book! We need more positive messages in the world and RED SOCKS GO WITH ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING sends a positive message to readers of any age. The red socks symbolize how we can show our loved ones how much we care about them as we travel through life together. This can be shown by something as simple as wearing red socks in support as we witness each other’s special moments in life. When I read the book it reminded me of my own life and how friends and family have shown support for me over the years. These moments might seem small but as we look back over our lives these are the moments that we remember. Bravo to first time author Darla Woodley and illustrator Evan Munday for creating such a lovely and thoughtful book! 5 STARS!!”

Aysha: ” I love the reason in which this book was written. I will wear my red socks with my head held high and spread the word “

Debbie: ” I love the message you are trying to get out and I just want to go out now and buy me some red socks!!! This will happen. ‘I feel strong. I am ready. I can do anything.’TODAY!!! “

Dawn: ” I love the story and message. This book is an excellent addition to my “Gramms Collection” for all the little people in my life. Having raised our kids in the Bon Accord area and within Sturgeon School Division the dedications have very special meaning. Well done, hopefully there will be more books! ”

” Children’s Literary Classics is pleased to announce that the children’s picture book Red Socks Go with Absolutely Anything, written by Darla Woodley and illustrated by Evan Munday, has been selected to receive the Children’s Literary Classics Seal of Approval. The CLC Seal of Approval is a designation reserved for those books which uphold the rigorous criteria set forth by the Children’s Literary Classics review committee, a team comprised of individuals with backgrounds in publishing, editing, writing, illustration and graphic design.” See the Press Release here You can read the review here

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